October 12, 2021

Stimulate and expand your talent as a hairdresser with our new 360° Premium Hairstylist Education Method. In the fast-paced world we are living in, it is crucial to stay up-to-the-minute in our sector with the latest styling, color and haircut trends. By joining our method, you will open a door to new inspiration, growth and opportunities to enhance your professional hairstylist skills. We invite you to dive into a new approach to the upcoming techniques by using our effective professional hair products to obtain breathtaking and personalized looks, like the ones we introduce you to below.

Learn the full tips and tricks on the hair looks of the season on our e-learning platform #AlwaysOn.


: A woman with a modern layered haircut and the Style Masters™ products used to create the look


A quick, commercial layered haircut, undeniably the ideal cut for long hair to add volume, texture and movement. To finish off the look, we enhanced the layers with a balayage color technique that can be applied to all hair lengths and brightens the face while framing the features. One of the most important benefits of the balayage technique is that it does not saturate the hair with bleach or color dye; as a result your clients will have softer, silkier and healthier hair given that the strands are less exposed to decoloration or chemical processes. For brighter and healthier hair, opt for a balayage color technique!


A woman with a solid bob hairstyle and the Style Masters™ products used to create the look


Learn how to do a solid haircut with feminine and voluminous results in our new 360° Premium Hairstylist Education Method. Pair the cut with a money piece, a personalized freehand technique that brightens up and frames the face; perfect to create a lived-in look. One of the main benefits of the money piece technique is that it is a cost-effective process due to its minimal upkeep. It is also time-saving, without forgetting that its main purpose is to add dimension and versatility given that it is customizable from roots to ends based on the shape of the face, the cut and desired style. Obtain a personalized hair color with the money piece technique!


A woman with a texturized wavy mullet and the Style Masters™ products used to create the look


A combination of disconnected layers and texture; essential for a haircut somewhere in between a modern mullet and a shag. To complete this absolute showstopper look, enhance the cut with a melting hair color technique that will help you blend different hair color shades for flawless results. The main benefits of the melting hair color technique are obtaining subtle lines that allow you to blend highlights seamlessly and fusion a balayage into a client’s root color for a smooth transition. Check out our new hairstylist method and find out everything you need to know to recreate the look.


A woman with a box bob with bangs and the Style Masters™ products used to create the look


The box bob cut is a re-interpretation of a haircut that is considered to be the foundation of precise laser lines. To complete the look, a contrasting shadowroots hair color technique with cool blond mid-lengths and ends is the perfect combo for timeless and elegant hair color results that elevate the hairstyle to another level. Whether your client wants a shadow root blonde or brunette, this technique is ideal for customers who demand a seamless contrast for a natural look where the roots remain untouched. The shadow root hair technique is simply your best bet for a polished gradient without any transition lines. Some of the benefits of this technique are adding light to the facial features, it is a low-maintenance hair color, it works with almost any hair length, and promotes healthier hair given that the roots remain untouched. Achieve nourished hair with shadow roots!


A woman with a modern pixie hairstyle and the Style Masters™ products used to create the look


Pixies are always very challenging. Discover how to create perfect proportions and personalized details on very short hair; if the texture of the strands is thick, the cut will add dimension, whereas if it is thin, the right pixie cut will boost thickness and movement. Elevate the look even more with a simple yet enhancing color detail, that will give it the final touch.

If you are interested in learning how to recreate these looks and push the limits of your creativity as a hairstylist, we invite you to join and register in our new 360° Revlon Professional® Premium Hairstylist Education Method. Here, you will be guided through every step on how to recreate the most demanded and up-to-date in-salon cut, color and styling techniques like the ones above. Are you already a registered user? Be ahead of the game, sign into your account, immerse yourself in our latest techniques and boost your technical skills to the next level.

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