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In today’s digital age, one of the greatest needs in our industry is instant access to updated, sector-specific content that provides opportunities for continued personal growth and strategies for building
profesional skills.

Our education program is built on the latest product innovation and sector trends, and combines cutting-edge knowledge with salon-friendly cut, color and styling techniques that will put your creativity and expertise to the test.


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Keep learning from the comfort of your home or salon. Discover step by step videos, product usage and much more!
Presential Hairdressing Courses
Where mentoring makes the difference in your hairdresser learning.



The most upbeat styles are in vogue. This fall-winter 21/22 season invites you to embrace an optimistic lifestyle, brimming with physical and mental health. There’s nothing sexier or more attractive than inner harmony and self-confidence.

Revlon Professional® and its essential team of pros have made it easy for you to reap the benefits of happiness and radiate the enthusiasm of the upcoming season with JOY COLLECTION, which radiates a sense of euphoria and fun to help us rediscover our vitality and enthusiasm for life.

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